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Is there a Magic Pill?!?!

I think I have said this 1000 of times since I began, but it is truth! If you are looking for the magic pill, shake, program, surgery, exercises, etc...STOP LOOKING!!! There is NO magic anything that you can do that will make you lose the weight. Now, you can use these as TOOLS to get you to your goal of weight loss but as soon as you stop, you WILL gain the weight back. If you are reading this, chances are you are overweight or know someone close to you that is. We are all looking for that magic pill. I know I was! I went as far as weight loss surgery for my magic pill. Unfortunately, I am not a surgery success story, heck I was not a success weight loss anything. That's why I started my journey at 395 lbs. Do you know how many times I have tried to lose weight? How many programs like Atkins, meal plans, drinks, exercise programs? I sat down and started listing them all. I came up with 13, wow! That is a lot! So if any of these tools worked for you, then awesome! But please be aware of the fact... if you stop, you have a 95-98% of gaining back your weight plus some within the first 2 years. That is the average that I came up with when looking at a million of studies. Heck I lived it! Man I feel like a Debbie Downer... sorry. But I had to face this truth and get real with myself. With my weight loss surgery, I started at 315lbs and had to lose 20lbs to even get the surgery. So I had surgery at 295 (the weight I am now...again), I lost 80 lbs with my lowest being around 210 ( that lasted for a week). I maintained a 220-230 weight for 6 months. Then it just started changing, the weight started creeping up, and I was on a roller coaster that I couldn't stop. By the time I hit 300lbs again after 2 years, I gave up. I started just living life while ignoring the damage I was doing to my body. And I did that for the next 5 years... until a switch in my brain turned on and enough was enough. That is the secret!!! What secret Sandy, you ask. Its the SWITCH!!!! You know the one in the brain that flips on and all that useless weight loss knowledge comes flooding in. You know all the eye rolling you did when someone mentioned... low fat, protein, low carbs, sugar free, 1200-1500 calories, vegetables, fruit, sleep, drink your water and the worse one of all....EXERCISE!!!! I swear that word is evil, at least I thought it was. It the little changes you start to make in your diet and your activity. You make a little change and when you master that, you make another change and another and another. Before you know it, you go from 395 lbs to 291 lbs in 7 months, You are becoming HEALTHY!!! I never ever though I would say I could be healthy. But I can! I have a healthy diet, I drink water and not my Diet Dr Pepper addiction drink, I stated exercising at a GYM, in front of people for an hour, 3-4 times a week.... what the heck?!?!?! You might say how will this work? You said no magic pill, exercise, program! Your right! Its NOT magic. It is hard work, dedication, proper diet and daily calories for my body, exercises, drinking water and getting enough sleep. Its all the eye rolling stuff that as an morbidly obese person HATES to hear. But it is what works. Here is the kicker though... If I stop any of it...I WILL GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK! And there it is... ITS ONE DAY AT A TIME, ONE MEAL AT A TIME! Its not me dieting, but me LIVING on the journey to health. This is my life until the day I go to be with the Lord (then I get a new body, lol). If I can do this, so can you. I am nothing extra special. I am just running my journey and we can do it together. How? By supporting one another, by posting our victories, our discouragement and trials. We can do this and succeed!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Weight Loss = Changes! Get ready!

Can we get real ladies...
Weight Loss = Changes! Get ready!

The changes come in diet, activity, motivation, size, inches, family dynamics, appearance, etc...
So let's go over some of them.
Diet- let's face it, if we are overweight that means we either ate more than our bodies needed, have medical issues that we may need Dr supervision for or genetically our bodies are preconditioned to retain wt/slow metabolism/etc. What ever the cause, we need take the choice to change it either by going to the Dr, dieting, researching to find what healthy choice you can make. But you have tp make the choice to change. Only you can make the choice...there is power in your choice!
Activity- believe me, I KNOW IT IT IS HARD TO EXERCISE. You are talking to the anti exercise girl here. Exercise might as well be a 4 letter bad word to me. BUT I had to make the choice to start moving. I had to choose to go to the gym to sign up. I have to choose to get in the car, drive there, feel uncomfortable and sweat. But can i let you in on a secret? Its only been 2 weeks and I am already planning my day tomorrow so I can go before work. I mean come on, everyone that knows me knows this has to be a God thing to make me exercise! Bit I am doing it. I am making the choice to move!
Getting real...I had to lose 100 lbs before i could move without pain to exercise. So yeah,I had to lose weight to be able to exercise to lose weight!
Family Dynamics- this was an eye opener for me. With my choice to get healthy, I am realizing how much I have missed out in with the family. I was the picture taking mom that sat on the sidelines. With losing weight, I have been able to walk 6 miles (with rests) at the county fair, go to the mall with the kids (haven't been to the mall in 3 years), met other moms at school without embarrassment have a cleaner house, heck even discipline the kiddos. I think I scared them one day when they turned around and I was there instead of just yelling from down stairs, mwahaha!
Appearance- You lose weight, you will look different, after a while people will notice, but you won't or at least not as easily. My big tips to take pictures. When you look in the mirror, all you see are your flaws not the 100 lbs you lost. Oh wait that me! But really, when I take picture and compare them, I see the changes and that motivates me. Other things change, one is clothing choices. You can get rid of the baggy, big print clothes. Neck you can even get to pick your clothes and not just buy that shirt because it hides your fat even though you really don't like it. How about this one.... Skin! You cant lose 100lns without some kind of loose skin. My advice get body shape wear like a girdle, spanks or torsette. It makes a big difference when all the loose bits are tucked in and supported... Bye bye back rolls.

Ok to wrap this up. You lose the weight, expect your life to change. Embrace that change. There is power in the change.

Me...Gym?!?! You got to be joking!!!

**** UPDATE: go to the gym for the first day, sweat like crazy until your butt burns and lose those pesky 3lbs to reach 100....woohoo!

(posted on FB 9-20-18)

Hey girls how have you been doing? It has been crazy with the family but we are trucking along.
On the diet end, this past week has been the lowest loss for me, only a couple if ounces but that is ok. I am noticing a loss in inches and i had to take one of my new shirts back and get a 2x instead of the 3x, woohoo.
Also guess what i did?!?!?! I joined Planet Fitness and went for my first workout today.
Ok so here is the skinny on the gym. I picked the $10 a month instead of the $20 right now, you can check out the website to see the plan details. Big selling point is no contract! So i booked an orientation and a trainer to set up a plan. This took about an 1 1/2, there was a couple that did it with me. I let them do their plan first so i could have more 1 on 1 with her.
The trainers name is Sarah and she is just awesome. A young lady with lots of passion for her job. I told her about my weight loss and she was blown away. I told her my goal was to lose the other 100 to get to195 along with firming up the loose skin and she is totally on board. I sign in at her station and if i miss days, she will call and follow up. I am amazed that i have a wonderful trainer to help guide me, all for 10 bucks a month!

So i am sore tonight but a good soreness aka my butt is on fire lololol. But i have no pain so i guess she knows what she is doing!
I go to the Austintown location so if you are local, i will so go with you!!!
My next time is friday morning for Sarah's burn program....oh boy, lol.
I will keep you update.
SW 395
CW 298
GW 195

We have the Victory!

(posted on FB 9-20-18)
This is me today girls. I am looking back on the last 6 months and my first thought is "Wow, did I really lose 100?" and then "Aww man, I cant believe I had to lose 100." 
Then the enemy comes in and tells me, nah I don't see much of a change. All I can say is that he is a liar! Don't let him get into your head!
We got this, we can do this, we have the victory.... With God all things are possible!

100lbs Gone and it feels GOOOOD!!!!

It is official! I have lost 100 lbs!!! I give all the glory to God!
I am so excited and thank Chris, the kiddos, family and friends for their support. 

I am pain free! I have also lost dress sizes. Started at 34/36 and down to 24/26!!!!

So now it is time to buckle down. I started the gym yesterday and feel great...sore but great plus I have no pain! I have to laugh. Emmy and I crashed on the couch after dinner...her with 4th grade and me with the gym lol.

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Monday, September 24, 2018

Looking at the past 6 months and 100lbs gone! How? Read below...

Small changes = Big results
By just changing the way I eat, I have lost almost 100 lbs. No extra exercising other than work and cleaning etc. I am joining a gym today to lose this other 100 lbs.
Now these changes didnt happen all at one time. They evolved throughout these last 6 months. I didn't have anyone to tell me what to do, I just listened to what my body told me.
So here is the breakdown:
Month 1- ate everything but just had half and counted my points.
Month 2- cut out the ice cream, candy, pastries, fried foods
Month 3- stopped eating processed/prepared/boxed foods and started shopping the perimeter of the store getting more produce, low fat dairy, proteins.
Month 4- start learning new recipes, healthy meals, learn how to start substituting ingredients, snacks, etc.
Month 5- started to move more, going to the park,county fair,parking further from the stores, standing to fold laundry vs sitting,etc.
Month 6- changed from soda pop to water. This was HUGE for me and easier than I thought it would be. I went from drinking a 2liter diet Dr pepper a day to flavor water and now working towards plain water.
Month 7- I am joining the gym this month.
You have to evolve to see those changes you want! Hope this helps ladies. Have a great day!
Ps don't really eat organic but I guess they needed another O for food, lololol.

Menu Ideas

B- egg wrap 5pts

L-fish sandwich 11pts

D- flat out wrap bbq grilled chicken pizza 11pts

S- dannon fit and lively yogurt 2pt

W- 72 oz

I thought i would add water I try to drink 48 to 80oz

Total- 29/35

*** joined Planet Fitness today(9-13-18 at 96lbs lost), i admit i was very intimidated with all those machines, plan on going tomorrow. I can do the treadmill at least until I get the orientation Tuesday.

Take the cookies and say Thank You!

I love working home health and love my patient but man they are killing me!!! Fresh cookies with my name on them....yummmm!
Needless to say, I said a big thank you, gave hugs but these will be going to the family tonight.
I just realized last summer i got a lot of corn, tomatoes and zucchini. This year it is all cookies and candy...whats up with that,lol?!

How to prep pantry for a Disaster or Power outage

(posted on FB9-12-18)
Please pray for family, friends and everyone in NC/SC. This is looking bad. Here in Ohio, there is nothing we can do for prep but we can help in the aftermath by donating.

I have been seeing a lot of posts of the WW site regarding what to eat so i got to making a list that i think would use if i was in this situation and some might be good if anyone lost power.
Water bottles with flavor drops esp for the kiddos. Also fill up milk jugs full of water! And fill up your bathtub with water incase you have to use the toilet (to flush) or to wash clothing stains that need immediate attention, etc.

We are tent campers so i am used to 4 days with no electricity.
We have a Coleman propane camp stove, i would pull out that puppy.
A cooler of just ice, that will last 2 to 3 days if you don't keep opening it.
A cooler and fill with LF slice cheese,FF lunch meat, string cheese, eggs in a carton, grapes, strawberries, cut up watermelon. All of these do well in the cooler for 3 to 4 days.
In a pantry box, i would have
- aldi fit and active preserves 1 pt,
-flatout wraps cut in half to give you more and small soft tortilla shells. They hold up and last longer than bread. 2 to 3pts
-aldi fit and active tuna kits 4pts
-baked bbq chips 4pts
- can veggies and fruit cups, applesauce
- peppers and onions
- bags of apples and oranges
- can chicken breast with taco seasoning
- jar marinara sauce and fit and active pasta 6pts
- shells and cheese for kids, half c 9ts if you have some
-sugar free jello cups, last longer in cooler than pudding.
-protein one bars 2pts
-special k berry cereal 1 c 4pts i like it dry.
- white popcorn 35 cal bag at walmart 2pts
- turkey pepperoni, after you open it can go in cooler
- banana boats, wrap in foil slice banana with mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows 3pts, put on camp stove to heat.
- LF chocolate graham crackers 1 pt ea square, freeze cool whip on it, and put in cool whip in cooler to dip fruit for 1 pt
Hope this gives you some ideas. If you know this can help someone, copy text and fill free to share.

Birthday at a cookie shop?!?! Oh Vey!!!

Me and the kiddos went to one of their friends bday party at a cookie shop this past weekend!!!
🎂What the heck?! Lol, they got to make a chocolate cookie🍪 and decorate half a dozen sugar cookies. Plus they had chips and pizza.....killing me here people!


Well, poo on you yummy junk food! I had a delicious chicken salad 7pts before the party and took my flavored water. So I was quite content with a full belly. No desire for the junk food.
They had extra so I decorated some, check out my masterpieces!

 So after the party, I knew I didn't want to take them home (kiddos decorated their own and didn't need more). So I stopped at my hubby's work and surprised him and his coworkers with cookies. They told Chris his wife is so cool, lololol!😎

Moral of the story... Had fun with the kids, made hubby look good and stayed on track in the face of temptation! This girl wins! 😘

(Full disclosure I had 2 bites of chocolate chip, counted 2 points and they were good!)

Ps the sign on the counter so true...diets don't work! Lifestyle!

Menu Ideas- Egg muffin cups

I knew I had lunch plans so I adjusted points. This is why I don't feel deprived while still losing weight. I eat fast food and restaurants just by tweaking the points and making better choices.

B- egg cup 1 pt, I make 12 in a muffin pans using 10 eggs, 1/2c cheese and veggies in oven 275 for 20 mins. In the morning I microwave for 30 secs. Fast breakfast.

L- Burger King 10 nuggets 12 pts, value onion rings 5pts, bbq 2pts

D- made by hubby smothered grilled chicken 3pts (for cheese, grilled veggies are 0), corn and potatoes 5pts.

S- dannon greek yogurt lite and lively 2pts

Total: 30/35